We Champion Leaders.

We create meaningful opportunities for your team to think together and collaborate effectively.

We are charismatic connectors, motivational speakers, master networkers, change facilitators and innovation creators. 


We help leaders through mentoring, maneuvering, partnering, and channeling success. We empower individuals to be their best selves and Pivot to where they belong.


Here there is no boss, no client, no vendor… we are PARTNERS, we are TEAM, we are COLLABORATORS, we are HUSTLERS here to get the job done right the first time.


Empowering entrepreneurs and organizational leaders to overcome obstacles on their path to greatness. From channeling dream start ups to turning ideas to lucrative ventures, we Pivot with you.


We transform brands and professionalize corporate culture. We encourage collaborative environments. We tap into the heads of your leadership/management and translate that vision into tangible results.


>>> Leadership <<<
Consulting. investing. Partnering. Channeling.

We empower people to overcome obstacles.

Team building through retreats, summits and off-sites.

Corporate communications, marketing, branding and PR summits to unify large scale initiatives & campaigns.

Partner with facilitators who oversee SDI 2.0 (Strength Deployment Inventory), DiSC assessments, Clifton Strength by Gallup and more.  

People, Performance, Process. 

Brand Identities & Campaigns.

Psychology and Mental State and Mindsets of staff/leadership. 

Perception and optics. Internal and External assessments. 

Competitive Analysis and SWOT Analysis. 

Leadership tools, training and keys to success.

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Master of Ceremonies (MC)

Master of Ceremonies / MC for film festivals, award ceremonies, corporate dinners, fundraisers, private parties, events and GALAs – We understand flow & reading an audience!

Leadership Summits & Corporate Retreats

We create meaningful opportunities for your team to think together and collaborate effectively. Our sessions build connection, inspire creativity, enable clarity and drive commitment. Your management/leadership team will achieve a greater sense of personal buy-in, purpose and passion to drive the business successfully into 2023 and beyond.

Virtual & Offsite Collaboration

We help you overcome obstacles. Our impact has touched start-ups, corporate teams, real estate teams, executive coaches, entertainment pros and entrepreneurs.

Creative Safe Space Brainstorms

We help people and organizations unleash their creativity; we empower people and walk them through the process. We Tap creativity by getting into the heads of your leadership, management & marketing leaders through situation assessments, creative briefs, recon and research.

Branding, Marketing & More

We help organizations find and professionalize their brand using savvy studio branding tactics, corporate marketing & pr initiatives, visionary creative services, and solid business development tools for companies looking to go to the next level.

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Our clients describe us as a hardworking, overpromising, engaging, charismatic yet sometimes ineffective team with creative thinking who can deliver savvy branding/PR initiatives and craft some top-notch copy.


Brand strategy.


Soon to be home for our recent non-NDA projects we can share.

Our Clients

We’re going to
became partners
for the long run.

Before PivotGO, there was BROEKMAN communications for 22 years. Founded as both a marketing and public relations agency, clients include corporate, entertainment, real estate, start-ups, VC-backed businesses and more. We have served 100s of clients since inception in August 2000. With a focus on service delivery (aka loyalty, friendship, desire to serve), we make sure our clients are taken care of.

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Chief Idea Officer
Jeremy Broekman